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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tabs For Taylor update

My Mom and Lisa brought 3-4 gallons of tabs to Shriners last week when we had Taylor's appointment. We had the car pretty much filled so we couldn't fit the tote. As you can (almost) see, I got a bigger tote.... and its just about filled. There is about 90 thousand tabs in there. I have more to pick up from the ladies of Old #4 and Lisa also has more for me when we catch up again. I picked up some more litter buckets from my recycling center and they are putting out one of my Tabs For Taylor buckets and letting me come in and un-tab their cans!!! Awesome! I found out last week that our plans to get an old USPS mail drop box are not going to happen..... they cost $500! So, hopefully, my ever-so-crafty father is trying to make one for us to put at the Charlestown Fire Department for tabs. I'm working on Thank You cards right now for our "tabbies" and hopefully those will be done soon. And I should be getting an updated tab packet soon to share as well. As always, Thank you everyone for helping!

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