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Friday, August 6, 2010

Tabs for taylor

My phone is not cooperating very well as far as my side bar goes but I wanted to thank and add people to my tabbies list. So here we go:

Mr. And Mrs. Gerald Brady, Mrs. Ronning and 5r class of 2009-10, Walpole Recycling Center, Liz, Edena, Jess and Steve, Eastern Bridge, 'a party crew' at Keene State college, Ray St. Sauveur, Debbie Hemmingway, Swanzey Recycling Center, Heath and Tonya McAllister, Leo and Wanda LaRoche, Tommy and Jessica Damon, NH state garage in Alton, Suzie Roberts, Alton NH Police department, Tim and Sue Patterson (Florida),  Noah's Ark (Florida), Nancy Searles, Glodgett family reunion crew, Trisha, Reg & Joe, Dover high school's eco club, Rochester hospital, Cathy Hartman, Jess Leclair, Sarajane Peck, my neighbor Anne's friend who donated 20 gallons!!!!! ( I still haven't found out her name), Sheila Kozel, the guys at Pinnacle View Equiptment, 'Pendy' (lm still trying to find you), all the anonymous people who keep leaving them in my well and all the people who've already made it on the list who are continuing to make tabs for taylor continue and grow.

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